Tuesday, June 30, 2009

More pictures!

I am almost done with pictures. There's just France, London, and a few miscellaneous pictures left to go. So, here are the new ones that have been put up:

Salisbury, Old Sarum & Stonehenge



And, they all have captions!


Forgot to mention, Switzerland captions are done now too.. Don't know if I ever mentioned that, but all the pictures (except the Signs album) have captions now. I figure signs can speak for themselves, but I imagine I will go back at some point and write about where I found the signs. Preferably before I forget. Heh.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Where I've been the past two weeks.

Thursday after we got back from London, I basically studied for my final that was on Friday morning. Then Friday I went and took my final. We had originally planned on going to see Kirkstall Abbey that weekend, but I was sick and didn't really feel like going, so instead we sat around and studied for our finals. Monday Jake had his final, then I had my Chem final on Wednesday. That's about when we started packing and cleaning the apartment. Thursday we went and saw Kirkstall Abbey, which was pretty cool, and then afterwards we went and saw Terminator. I was not impressed by Christian Bale's acting. They shouldn't have cast him as John Connor.
Anyway, Friday was spent packing and cleaning. Saturday we woke up, finished cleaning & packing, and called a taxi. Had a taxi ride to the train station, then got on the train for the 2.5 hour train ride to London. We got to London, then had the 10-15 minute walk to the hostel, dropped our stuff off, and then we went wandering a bit more to see some stuff we wanted to see again, like Big Ben. We ended up getting dinner in a pub and then going back to the hostel to sleep.

Sunday we woke up, checked out of the hostel, walked to the subway, got all our luggage on, and rode to the airport (hour long). Then we checked in, went through security, and ate at another pub in the airport. I finally got around to trying a mojito, and it was pretty tasty. Our plane to Atlanta had video monitor touch screen things in the back of the seats, so I watched Marley and Me. It took like 3 hours to watch, despite the fact that it's only a two hour movie. My monitor kept randomly restarting, and every time it did, I'd have to fast forward to where I had left off. Anyway, we landed in Atlanta after like 9.5 hours in the plane.

Customs at Atlanta is ridiculous. You get off the plane, go through passport control, then you go get your luggage, give the declaration slip to a person, then you give your luggage BACK to some guy who puts it on a conveyor belt, then you go back through security, and then you can go to your next gate. Absolutely ridiculous.

Jake's flight was supposed to be at 6:30, but we landed at like 5:45 or something, so he got put on standby for the 8:00 flight and got the last seat on that flight. Mine was at 9:45, and then I landed in Syracuse at midnight. Monday morning, I was at work by 8.

So that's a breif update on what I spent the last two weeks doing. I'm working on putting pictures up, but I've got a lot to do now that I'm home. My goal is to have everything up by the end of the month.