Sunday, January 25, 2009

Entry #2 from Leeds

I promise, pictures will be up soon, I'm using a school computer at the moment, and I don't have a SD adapter on me, so no pictures yet, definately by the end of next week. I promise.

So. We got here, and then Wednesday morning decided we should head to campus and let the International Office know that we were here. As we were leaving the house, we realized we didn't know where the hell we were going. This is why you need to print off maps of the area you're travelling to if AAA doesn't have them for that area. We eventually found our way to the city center without knowing it, then stopped in at a hotel and asked the guy at the front desk, he looked at us like we were crazy and said we just had to go up turn left and walk like 10 minutes.

Got to campus, checked in, they told us where computers were, so we went and used them. Yay internet! The rest of Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday were mostly full of wandering around Leeds and figuring out where stores were.

As for phones:
I think I may have said in one of the earlier entries (I don't remember and I'm too lazy too look) that I was planning on getting a Skypephone. Skypephones let you call people in the UK and use Skype to call the rest of the world. Pretty awesome sounding, right? Well, the company that sells the Skypephone, 3 mobile, is really, really annoying. They want a bank statement or a utility bill that says you live here. A letter from your landlord isn't enough, already tried that. So I might end up getting a phone that is skype compatible on a pay as you go plan. We'll see.

If we wanted ethernet cord kind of internet, we'd have to pay for installation. We didn't want to do that, so we decided on dongles. Hehe. Dongles. Anyway, we went to Carphone Warehouse and I got a 12gb, 12 month starter kit on 3's network. It's basically pay as you go internet. Yay. That was like £100. Of course, if you pick to live in campus housing, you wont have to worry about that because it'll have wifi or be wired for you.

Is expensive and you need to get an even more expensive TV license to watch TV. So we most likely won't get a TV.

Buying DVDs:
Don't do it. At least if you have my computer don't do it. DVDs have different regions on them, and the rest of the world is not the same as the US. And for my Mac, you get 5 chances to change what region you're in. So if I wanted to watch a different region's movie, I'd have to change my laptop's region to watch it, then change it back when I was done so I could watch all the rest of the movies I brought from America. Not that this happened to me, just letting you know incase you're thinking of buying DVDs in the country you visit. Yes, you.

Things I've noticed about England:
People pay attention to "fashion". Almost religiously. In America, you can walk around in jeans and a hoodie and chances are, most of the people around you will be dressed the same, college campus or grocery store or city. Here, girls are either in skinny jeans and boots, or skirt, leggings, and boots. EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM. Guys I'm not paying as much attention to, but I think the general rule is, that if H&M sells it, thats what you should be wearing. It's really weird and makes me feel like I stick out since I'm a t-shirt, hoodie and jeans kind of girl. Oh, also, I think I can count the number of girls with curly hair that I've seen since I got here on two hands. They all have straight hair. EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM. Again, a little creepy.
Disclaimer: This is my opinion. Apparently someone *cough* Jake *cough* considers tshirts & jeans to be America's fashion. Whatever. I still say all the English chicks are weird. No offense to y'all.
Other werid things: They say "Cheers!" a lot. And at the randomest times, too. I have no idea what it means.

So, International Office is doing a trip to Liverpool next Saturday, we're going to go on it and see Liverpool. Might go to Manchester next Sunday, I'm not sure. But here's a list of places we're going to try and hit in the UK/Ireland:
Loch Ness

Other places we might hit on weekends:

Europe places:
Yeah, too big of a list, I'll put it up later, closer to when we're going to go.

So... yeah, guess that's it for now.

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Sana said...

HEY!! So you're there!'s Sana btw =P is a big thing there...but I really didn't bother about it that much when I was there...just wear whatever you feel like...big whoop...maybe you'll create a new trend! =P
And 'Cheers' can mean a lot of different can mean sort of and 'end-of-the-conversation' could mean thanks....or's very generalised...

ps: try to go biking around the countryside's purrty....and make sure it doesn't rain...that doesn't really give you much time...but message me your skype id or something....

have fun!! and keep up with the updates! =)

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