Thursday, May 28, 2009

London Trip 2!

We left on Sunday for London, got to the train with like 10 minutes to spare this time. Would have been there earlier but I forgot that there's only like 3 busses an hour on Sundays. Meh. So then we got to London, dropped our stuff off at the hostel for an hour while we got lunch and wandered a bit until it was time to check in. Then we put our stuff in our room and went off wandering. Soon as we get off the subway, and I find something to take a picture of, I realize my battery has one bar left. I was very sad. We walked around the parks around Buckingham Palace, and ended up getting dinner at Hard Rock Cafe. That burger was delicious. The British do not know how to make cheeseburgers. So tasty. After, we walked down the street and there were people out with artwork and books and random stuff for sale, and as we were looking at stuff, Belinda runs up, grabs my purse, and goes "GIMME YOUR MONEY!" The funny part is, I was looking through a bin of old coins, and had my hands full of them, so I just kinda turned toward her with my hands open, slightly confused. Hadn't been expecting to run into her. Then we wandered around some more, went past Big Ben at super-happy-magic-sun-time-hour, and then my battery finally died. For those of you who don't know, super-happy-magic-sun-time-hour is that time when the sun turns all the buildings golden and sunny. Somewhere around 7-8pm here, but usually 6-7 in the US I think. It's pretty. After that, we went back to the hostel and slept.

Monday, woke up, put a freshly charged battery in my camera, and we went to the Tower of London. We had originally planned on going to Windsor Castle, but changed our minds when we saw the weather. Tower of London was pretty cool, and we got to see the crown jewels too. After, we walked across Tower Bridge and got some lunch, then spent forever trying to find an ATM. Eventually we decided to get on the subway and go find Eric Clapton, since he was playing and Jake wanted to try and scalp some tickets. Wandered forever, and eventually found a Barclay's ATM. It was out of cash. And it was a bank holiday, so the inside was closed too. Then we decided we'd see how much the scalpers wanted, so we went and did that. Jake says they don't know how to do it right here. They don't know how to do a lot of things right here. Like food. Anyway, we went back to the hostel after that since we didn't really have any money and most things were closed.

Tuesday, we went to Windsor Castle. It was shiny and palace-y like and awesome. One downside to all of London, is that a lot of places won't let you take pictures, like churches and palaces and castles. We got some food at a pub after, then went back to London to try and get into the Clapton concert again, but the scalpers apparently would rather have a useless ticket than sell it for a third of the retail value. So we didn't go, which was probably a good thing since I was really stuffy by then. Good thing is that I'm feeling a bit better by now.

Wednesday we went to Westminster Abbey and St. John's Cathedral, neither of which let you take pictures. It was also rainy outside. After we did the churches, we went to Camden Town Market, and looked around there, didn't get anything though. We went back to King's Cross and had dinner at an Itallian place near the hostel, then went back to the hostel and sat there for a couple hours till it was time for the train. There's nothing to do in the evening, and our train wasn't till 9:30. Then we got on the train and came home.

That's it really. I'm sure there's something I'm missing, and I know there isn't that much detail in this, but I have a final tomorrow that I need to study for. Pictures will be up eventually.

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St. Jame's, not St. John's.

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