Thursday, February 26, 2009


So I feel like I've been neglecting all of you this week. No updates. Sorry about that.
Monday we went to Meadowhall (giant mall slightly outside of Sheffield) so I could take my laptop to the Apple store since it had been freezing and doing that weird screen freaking out thing again. First time I turned it on there, it (of course) didn't do it. Restarted it, and ta-daa! Crazy screen thing. The guy there figured that it was probably the video card, so he ordered me a new one, and is supposed to call when it gets in.
Now, the really weird thing, is that it hasn't done the weird screen thing since Monday, and it's only (hah, if I've resigned myself to living with it freezing) froze once so far. It's like the video card is saying, no! Don't replace me! I'll be good!
But I'm going to go ahead and get it replaced. Shouldn't do any harm, and it'll probably keep it alive longer. And then if it freezes and does the weird thing again, I just go back and make them figure out what it is. Hooray 3 year extended warranty!!
Other that that, haven't gone anywhere exciting this week. We've mostly been working on homework/essays. I had 2 presentations today and chem hw due tomorrow. Then I've got an essay due next week and another the week after.
Saturday we're going to York for the day, people keep saying we should go there. Then it's back to essays. Meh.
That's it for now.

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