Monday, February 9, 2009

What actually happened in Liverpool

Now, I'm sure that someone out there looked at the pictures of Liverpool, and was like, well sure, these captions are great, but what went on at these places?
Well, those people are in luck!
Why, you ask?
Because I am about to tell you about where we went and what those places are and why they're important and all that jazz! Well, maybe. I'll try.
The first picture or so is the countryside on the way to Liverpool. There were a lot of sheep. Sheep are pretty cool. There were also a bunch of old walls laying around which were pretty cool. It'd be fun to get out and wander around and hug the sheep and walk on the walls, but I don't think that'll be happening any time soon.
Anyway, upon our arrival in Liverpool, we were dropped of at Albert Docks. We got off the bus thinking that it'd be in the 40s, because that's what the internet told us it would be. The internet neglected to inform us of the wind, which made it like 20 degrees colder. Before we got there we had plotted out a vaguely circular route through the city with all the places we wanted to go in/past.
We started off by going to the big fancy buildings by the waterside: the Royal Liver Building, and the one next to it. After that, we went on a search for the Superlambanana. The Superlambanana repressents Liverpool's trading in sheep and bananas or something like that. Google it, the website tells you more about where it came from. But, I'd have to say, the Superlambanana is pretty damn awesome.
After the Superlambanana we were getting pretty cold, so we headed toward the museum and library. We had wanted to go past and look at the architecture anyway, but because of the cold and the free admission, we ended up going in anyway. The museum was actually pretty cool. Then we went in the art gallery/museum next door and looked around in there for a little bit. After that, we went back outside, and took some pictures of the statues across the street. Then around the corner to the big building that had Victoria and Albert on horses in front of it; the name escapes me at the moment.
Our next stop was going to be the Anglican Cathedral, but we got a little distracted and ended up going through the shopping district, and found some mini-Superlambananas. Eventually we got to Chinatown (nothing like Chinatown in NYC) and saw the arch. On the way there we had gone past the bombed out church that was closed due to the ridiculous winds. It's been sort of converted into a concert hall, and it was supposed to be open to walk around in.
After that we got to the Anglican Cathedral just in time to get to go up to the top.
Apparently I'm slightly afraid of heights, something I forget until I'm somewhere high and then I get a little shaky. Oops.
Anyway, it was pretty cool up there. You could see the whole city pretty much (go look at the pictures). It was also really really windy. More windy than it was on the ground. But, the most surprising thing was how big it was. It's really huge and on top of a hill, so you can't see it until you come around a corner because shorter buildings are blocking your line of sight. But once you come around the corner to the driveway, it's just like *jaw drop* woah. I was really not expecting it to be that big. The inside was shiny (for those of you who are not familiar with Firefly, shiny is a synonym for cool, awesome, neat, etc.). Again, see the pictures.
After that, it was just about time to get back on the bus, so we headed back to Albert Docks.

So, the week after the trip to Liverpool (31st) I had all those problems with my dongle, but my laptop seems to be ok now. So that's good. This week has been pretty uneventful, just classes, although on Tuesday we went to the Royal Armouries after class since we had the time. Then Sunday we made a snowman family since it snowed again.

Royal Armouries pictures will go up tomorrow along with snowman pictures.

This Saturday we're going to Newcastle upon Tyne, so that should be pretty cool.
Not sure where we're going to next weekend, because the weather is pretty crappy. Apparently the south has a ton of snow, and we'd kind of like to go somewhere warmish. So we'll probably figure that out soon, or might just stay in Leeds again and go to some places here we've been wanting to see. Or might work on essays and stuff since those are going to be due soon.

Anyway, that's it for now really.
I'll try and put up Newcastle pictures Monday or Tuesday, and then do an entry about where we went there.
If anyone has any questions about stuff, leave a comment.
Same goes for recommendations for places to go/ things to see.

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