Saturday, March 7, 2009

Edinburgh Day 1 (briefly)

So.. got in last night, found the hostel, Argyle Backpackers (I think.... It's Argyle something... Anyway, we got our key, dropped our bags off, and went to pick up Jake's friend Adam from his hostel. We got dinner at a pub down the street, and then wandered around Edinburgh for a couple of hours before going back to our respective hostels and sleeping.
Saturday morning, we woke up, went to a little place for breakfast, then went to the castle for a bunch of hours. Then we were going to go to the palace, but decided against it since it was getting close to when it closed, so instead we climbed up to Arthur's Seat, which had an awesome view. It was also uber windy. As in you could be 45 degrees from the ground without falling over, and there were a couple times it was strong enough to almost move us. Then it started raining so we went to an American restaurant we found. After that we went to a little store that had Scottish stuff, I got a flag and Jake got a stabbing implement. And now we're back at our hostel plotting out Europe.
I will put in details on Monday or Tuesday.
Oh, also, the castle had whiskey tasting, and we tasted it, and it was tasty. I think I may have found my alcohol. Heh. Annnnyway, more later when I have more time, just thought I'd put this up since I'm not terribly busy at the moment.

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Anonymous said...

Whiskey? What kind? We have a friend whose favorite is Glenlivet (also expensive). Each region of Scotland produces its own Scotch Whiskey, each having a unique flavor.

Be sure to let us know which castle so we can check it out this summer!


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