Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Geese Solution

So according to the website Jake's dad found, people brought the geese over to hunt them.
Then some escaped and decided it would be a good idea to block traffic.

For those of you wondering, this means that Jake's dad gets the postcard. And it will be a really cool postcard from Edinburgh too. EDINBURGH! That's Scotland!
This is why everyone should check this more often. I might do something like this again. And if you email me (or leave a comment since they get emailed to me, so technically that counts too), you could get a postcard you would otherwise not get.
Spread the word – tell a friend
Tell them the tale
Get a pic – do a blog
Heroes are over with.....
er... I mean.. let other people know about this blog. Don't keep it to yourself.
Also, if you get what that came from (NO CHEATING) I might, MIGHT, decide to send someone else a postcard.
So, it's worth a try.

Also, I now have 1000 words in my essay and an outline for it, so that's why you all are getting this and a picture of geese.

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Anonymous said...


I made contact with our friends in Aberdeen (Scotland) and they have asked that I give you their phone & e-mail address. They will help in any way with your travels through Scotland - and will show you around Aberdeen as well if you want.
Let me know if you are interested - and I will send you the info.
UM and I will be traveling to Scotland in July (for 3 weeks) and will also be in Edinburgh - will be anxious to hear what you think we should see!
Take care - AC

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