Friday, March 13, 2009

This week.

So. What happened this week?
I wrote ANOTHER 2000 word essay. This one was for some reason easier to write, but that didn't change the fact that I was still up at 2am last night working on it. Although, that's partly due to the fact I forgot that I had statics homework and spent a couple hours working on it around midnight-ish before returning to my bibliography.

So quite honestly, my brain is fried. I have no idea how the people who major in history here do it. They all have like 3 essays due today. 3!!! That would require actually starting at least one of them more than a week ahead of time. Crazy. This is why I'm an Engineer. We just have to figure out what the forces in a truss are. Which, by the way, is incredibly tedious and there are computer programs that can do it for you. (That was a jab at my statics homework, if you missed it.)

Anyway... apart from working on the essay nothing happened this week really. We booked plane tickets and a hostel for next Friday, so that's all set. I have to start looking for hostels for the rest of the trip now. Soon as we've got that done, I'll put up what our iten..... (damn my lack of spelling ability) schedule is. The good news, is that we know what we want to do and when and where in Germany, and we know that there are trains that can get us from point A to point B. Bad news? Let me list it out for you:
We don't know how much said trains cost, or when they run.
We don't have reservations yet for the hostels.
We don't have Switzerland planned out yet.
We don't have Italy planned out.
We don't have a way home yet.
We can't get a way home until we plan out Switzerland and Italy.

Luckily, we should have a couple of those taken care of by the begining of next week, namely the hostels and the way home (which implies having Switzerland and Italy figured out).
But, we have a month in which to get home, so I don't think it matters too much that we figure it out now, it's just that it'd be a lot easier.

So the original plan was to continue on to France and Amsterdam after Italy, but after backpacking for just the weekend in Edinburgh, I realized that a whole month was absolutely ridiculous, and have restricted it to 2.5-3 weeks. Then that last week, I think we'll end up going up to Aberdeen, but we might go to Bath & Stonehenge instead. Not sure. So we need to figure that out so we can get train tickets. France and Amsterdam will get pushed to May when Belinda -hopefully- comes to visit. But I need to talk to her to figure that out.

Most of this entry is for me so that I don't forget what all I need to do and by when, so you can probably ignore most of it, unless you have an abnormally large interest in where I'll be. If that's the case, you had better be my parents, Jake's parents, or someone we will be travelling with or visiting (of which there are like... maybe 6 people?). Otherwise you're a stalker and that's just plain creepy.

Anyway.... I know I promised pictures sometime around today, after the essays were done and handed in, but I really don't feel like putting them up right now. Really. So I guess either Monday I'll stay later after classes and put them up, or I'll do it Tuesday while Jake is in class. You can live 4 more days, right? Good.

This weekend we're planning on going to either the Royal Armouries again to look through the second half of it, or to Kirkstall Abby, because it's broken and broken things are fun. So it could turn into 3 or 4 bunches of pictures. Even more exciting, right?

Anyway, I have to go to class now and turn in my statics homework and listen to the teacher talk to us and do examples and give the class a half hour to do it when it really only takes 5 minutes. *sigh*

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