Sunday, April 12, 2009

Back from Europe and nothing (too) bad happened!

As you can tell from the title of this post, I am back from Europe. So is Jake. Adam is still there because he lives there.
Currently, I am laying in bed enjoying the feeling of having as much free (ok, not free, but I already paid for it, so it feels like it's free) internet as I want, and typing on a keyboard where I actually know how to make the @ sign and the z and y aren't switched. Europe has some pretty weird keyboards. And now, you are all like, WE WANT TO KNOW EVERYTHING! EVERYTHING! And I'm all, no.
For starters, the paper that has where I went when is downstairs in my backpack somewhere and my brain doesn't want to think right now. And I'm sure you'd want an accurate recounting of the adventure instead of a half-awake Amanda re-telling. (Jake interjects that we went to the moon, which was made of cheese, where we hibernated. See what I'm talking about?) So, you will have to wait until I get ouf of bed again, or tomorrow or the next day. And now you're saying, ok, fine, no blog, we didn't want to read 30 pages of stories anyway, we really just want to see your pictures. Well, you can't have those either. Why? Because I haven't even had a chance to look at them yet myself, and there are well over 3000, probably over 4000, I really have no idea.
But I suppose I can give you a breif overview of the trip.

For a country that is supposed to be rainy 360 days a year, England has been surprisingly dry. We figured out why when we got to Germany. Germany is stealing the rain. I think that exceps for maybe two days, it rained every day we were in Germany. We were in Germany for 9 days. It's a good thing I decided to bring my raincoat to Europe instead of leaving it in England. It is super water repellant. My shoes however, were not. I changed socks 283984 times. Also, good thing I brought wool socks. They are drier than regular socks. Apart from the rain, Germany was cool. We went in a bunch of castles, almost slept in one, but the hostel there was closed for renevations. It would be our luck that it would be the one castle you have to walk up a mountain to get to. We stayed in a hotel that night... that's a fun story, I'll wait and tell it in more detail later. Germany was pretty cool though, really. They make tasty tasty pretzels, which we had for breakfast almost every day. Germany was also fairly cheap. A pretzel was like 50 euro cents, which is like maybe 75 US cents. I think the best part of Germany was probably the Black Forest. It was pretty and they had cuku/cookoo/i have no idea how to spell it in english clocks (kuckucksuhren). I bought one... on day 7 out of 23 days. Also bought a bunch of other stuff in Germany. Ended up needing to buy a suitcase to get everything back to England, which I was planning on doing anyway. But more on the suitcase later.
After Germany, Adam went back to Italy for classes, and Jake and I went to Austria for a couple of days. It finally stopped raining, and we got to go to the zoo and wander around and stuff. Then Italy, where it rained again.... And then, even though it was supposed to rain in Rome, it miracously didn't, and it was sunny and warm and perfect. Thanks pope! We got to see the pope church and pope museum and walked by the pope castle. Also went in a bunch of old places. I think Rome might have been my favorite part, not sure yet, I gotta think about it some more. Then up to Switzerland, which was expensive. Then back to Italy to fly back to England.
Worst thing that happened on the trip was that I fell asleep on one of the trains, and when I got woken up because the train was stopping, I wasn't awake enough to remember to hold on to my mp3 player, so it fell and the harddrive got cracked. Then a couple days later Jake lost his, unless it's somewhere burried in the luggage, but I'm pretty sure it isn't since I've unpacked an repacked everything a couple times since then. So we both pretty much need new mp3 players, although I'm going to try and see if there's any way I can get mine repaired, otherwise I might get a cheap flash one for now and then get an ipod this summer.... dunno. I think ipods are the only things with enough space for all my music... but I'll be doing some research on that.
Also, no one broke in and stole our laptops! Yay for that!
And I think I might finally get up so I can go find food somewhere. Yay for coming back on Easter when everythings going to be closed. >.<

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Stephan said...

I am really glad you liked the black forest, and I have to admit, there are some pretty divine pretzels out there. and on behalf of all of Germany, I apologize for the rain

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