Thursday, April 2, 2009

Quick update, but not as quick as the last one.

Just thought I'd let everyone know I'm still alive and having fun and blowing through slightly ridiculous amounts of cash, but hey, you only get to go through Europe once while you're in college, right? And that's what I saved it for anyway, so that makes it perfectly ok. :D
For all you stalkers out there, you aren't gonna find me if you go looking in Innsbruck or Triburg, I just want to let you know that. But hey, I could be in any of a million different cities, so why try and find me?
Heh, anyway....
We've seen a ton of stuff, and I would just like to let everyone know that my camera is AMAZING. You may have noticed this from the pictures it's taken before that I have already put on the internet from England places. I haven't even seen them all full size yet because I don't have a monitor big enough since I use Jake's mini-laptop to transfer them, but they will be absolutely amazing. At least, the ones taken when it wasn't raining will be. It has rained for the majority of this trip. It sucks. It's a damn good thing my rain coat is so waterproof and that I decided to bring it to Europe instead of leaving it in England. I just wish I had worn my rain boots instead of sneakers. (Yes, mom and dad, this is the part where you say I told you so. But I still wouldn't want to be wearing just hiking boots every single day, those are heavy.) Anyway, hopefully the next week will be nicer.
And this is all you guys get for now, because it's like midnight here and I'm getting up at 7 tomorrow morning.


Anonymous said...

You could always buy "wellies" and have dry feet - you know, blow some of that cash on something practical instead of on transportation, food and lodging. Yeah, but that's a parent talking who hates wet feet. Eew, do you have toe rot yet? Hee hee.

You're welcome for that amazing camera...looking forward to more of your pictures.


Stephan said... rains a lot in german

anyways, I am excited to see the pictures you are taking in germany. I hope you are liking the country (besides the rain)

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