Sunday, April 19, 2009


Despite the exclamation mark in the title of this entry, there are no pictures.

I think I have decided, that instead of doing what I've been doing, and putting up the vast majority of the pictures I took, I'm going to start off with a "Best of Germany" album. Then "Best of Austria," "Best of Italy," and "Best of Switzerland." After that, I might do some themed albums, like "Best of Churches" and "Best of Mountains." Or I might change my mind and put the majority up. Who knows?

Due to the number of pictures (4600ish to be not exact) this is obviously going to take a while. So no pictures right away. Sorry guys. But, I will endeavor to have them up before I go to London with Jake & his mom, since I'll want my SD cards to be empty for that.

Just wanted to let you know, incase you were expecting pictures tomorrow.

And I bet there's someone out there going, but you didn't do anything this week! You could have been going through them then!
Uh, no thanks. I'd like to relax for a bit before diving into something as intimidating as 4600+ pictures. I mean, when I went on vacation with my family, the one three week vacation we went on, combined between four people and four cameras, I don't think we took that many. So... that's a lot. A very a lot.

I think my problem is that when confronted with things that number in the thousands that need to be somehow organized, I put it off because it intimidates me. Like my music library. No idea how many songs I have, only that it is several, several thousand. I've never had them all in one place where they were all playable even. My dead (RIP) mp3 player could only fit 30gb, and I think I'm closer to 60 now, and that number is only going up. Only place that has them all is my external harddrive. If it died, I would be really upset. I mean, yeah, almost everything on it is somewhere else as well, but... still.
So.. point is, that theres a lot of things to sort through, but I'll get around to it. Probably in the next half hour actually. But things still won't be going tomorrow. Maybe Tuesday. Maybe.

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