Tuesday, April 14, 2009

More Europe Travels!!

Day 3: Sunday, March 22
We woke up, left Koblenz as soon as we were up and headed to St. Goar. St. Goar was pretty awesome. For being a Sunday, most stuff was surprisingly open. We headed up to the hostel, which was again up a hill, just not as bad, and this time it was actually open. Jake says I should tell you it was the Jugendherberge. We couldn't check in until 2, and we had a couple hours, so we walked up the rest of the hill to look at the castle, then walked back down to the village to get some lunch and look around. When it was 2 we went back up and got our room, dumped our stuff and went up to Schloss Rheinfels. Also, I'm going to apologize now for misspelling names of places or omiting them all together. I plan on going and buying the book that Adam had so that I actually know the names and how to spell them right, and then I might come back and fix everything. In the meantime, if you care a lot and want to look stuff up, Google is probably more right on the spelling than I am. Annnnyway. That castle was the coolest one we went to. It was falling apart, but was still together enough that there were some rooms and stuff to go through. The best part though, was that it NEVER ENDED. You'd go down one hallway, and there'd be 2-3 branches off it and you'd have to go back and explore them, and then they'd have tunnels, and the tunnels would have splits... Luckily I have a light on my keychain, otherwise we would have been totally blind. One tiny downside, is that I was having so much fun exploring and making sure we got to every corner and tunnel, that I didn't take as many pictures as I did of other places. But I would definately reccommend going there. There's also a statue on the other side of the river that's of a girl who crashes ships. We didn't go across, but my super awesome 18x zoom camera got pictures. :D There's two other castles on the other side too that we didn't go to- one is Castle Cat and the other is Castle Mouse. After we were done with the castle, we went back to town and had dinner, then back to the hostel to plot some more and then went to bed.

Day 4: Monday, March 23
We woke up, and got a train to Mainz, where we had orgininally planned on staying for the night, but we realized that there wasn't a whole lot there to see, and that we could move on to Heidelberg instead and spend more time there. So we got to Mainz, and went to see a couple of churches. On the way, we walked through some Altstadt (Old City) and got some pretzels. We found this other church on a side street that was pretty shiny inside, but no pictures there because it actually had people in it praying and we weren't sure if we were allowed to take pictures, so we just looked around then walked out. There's a big red church that was ok, kind of plain and boring inside, but they did stained glass windows for all their bishops (i think) and you could tell when heraldry became popular in german churches because of the windows. I thought that was kinda cool. Then we went to another church that was supposed to have kick-ass stained glass, but it didn't really. It was pretty and all blue.. but not what we were led to believe. Most of what we did/went to see was out of Adam's guide book. We found many errors in it during our travels. After that we went to check on when the next train to Heidelberg was, and we still had a while, so we walked over to the Rhine and stuck our fingers in it to be able to say we were in the Rhine. We also bought a lot of pretzels. Every day. They were very tasty.

And I will put up more later maybe. I think I'm prolly not gonna do more than two days at a time, just to limit the length of the entries.

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