Sunday, April 26, 2009

Picture Update!

I finally got through all the pictures, and managed to cut it down to less than a thousand. 978ish to be exact.
So they will start going up this week since Jake is abandoning me to go to London with his mom while I stick around for classes and then meet them next weekend. Goal is to have them all up by Friday, but I don't know if that'll happen or not.

As for who wins the Duck Throwing thing- I'm going to leave it open until I get back from Paris. That should give someone enough time to attempt to do the math or give me a wittier answer than those currently up. Also, then you can have a postcard from someplace exciting, like the Eiffel tower!

New updated plans:
Jake's mom comes over this week, so the two of them are doing Londony things, then I'm going down to meet them and we're going to Stonehenge and Dover I think.
After that, there's an essay due on the 8th, and then Jake has another due the 18th.
So, the 15th-21st we'll be hitting up Amsterdam, Brussels, Paris, and Versailles.
Then back to Leeds because I have a final on the 22nd.
My parents then show up on the 23rd or so, we go to the SW of England to look at castles and meet family people who live there, maybe hit up Cardiff in Wales, then we come back to Leeds because I have another final on the 29th.
Then sitting around Leeds because Jake has a final the Monday after that, and I've got one on the 3rd. Then packing all our stuff up and heading down to London for the last couple of days before we leave.

So... lots of places to still visit, but the year is definately starting to wind down.

Also, it's starting to get warm here! But it's still not 70's like it is over in the US. :(

I think that's all I wanted to say.

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Anonymous said...

To "To" -
UM says that if the duck is frozen, you could certainly throw it in a spiral like a football!!!
Can't wait to see your pics!
From "Fro"

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